Eclipse UI Testing

Extreme productivity boost. Supports SWT, JFace, GEF, GMF, Platform and more out of the box. Capture and Playback. Maven/Tycho. Command Line Runner. Q7 Server. Eclipse Command Language. Runtime Intelligence. Read on

"Q7 enables us to cover a high quantity of tests at constant quality. Tests can be easily automated which allows us to focus on improvement of the test concepts, not on the creation of tests."
Norman Brümmer
Dipl. Inform. Univ., Software Engineer Product

Handcrafted for Eclipse

Test applications built with various Eclipse technologies including SWT/JFace, Platform, IDE, GEF, and GMF.

Model the State

Model the state of your application and run any subset of your tests in any order.


Realtime Eclipse code instrumentation enables ultimate user actions capturing and replaying functionality.

Develop with Modern IDE

Modern Development Environment supporting debugging and refactoring.

Use Ubiquitous Language

Your tests will be understandable by all the project participants. Employ QA engineers — not Java coders.

Enable Agile

Automate testing in minutes with Q7 Maven/Tycho plugin, and run tests in the cloud with Q7 Server.

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