Continuous Integration

All we said before would be useless without integration of your automated tests within your Continuous Integration environment. Q7 Runner is an add-on from Q7 product line that represents CLI (headless Eclipse) application aimed to execute your tests and provide reports.

You can use Q7 Runner on any of supported platforms (Windows, Linux, and OS X) and execute tests from your build plans independently of the technology you’re using to automate your builds: Ant, Maven, Unix shell scrips, etc.

Q7 Runner is responsible for materializing your application from p2 repository (Eclipse update site) if needed, running test suite(s) against it, and reporting results of test execution in a preferred format. Since all the testing artifacts are basically files on the file system, you can download tests and run them without any configuration efforts, as well as store them together with your project files in the same version control system, or separately.

For your convenience, we’re supplying Maven/Tycho plugin, so if your build is based on Tycho, you will be able to add the acceptance testing phase in a couple of minutes – plugin and runner code will be downloaded by Maven and executed by the plugin.

Q7 Server

Our experience shows that 200 UI acceptance tests can be executed on average in about 1 hour on a single box. Of course, this number depends a lot on the nature of application, test case set up code (see State Management), etc.